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We are a Quebec-based medical group that has been providing care in the field of reproductive and obstetrical health for nearly 20 years. We are known for our expertise and high success rate, as well as for our warm, human and personalized service in five service areas.

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Why choose ovo?

When you come to clinique ovo, you will benefit from the expertise and complete attention of our medical team. We will support you through your process and do everything possible to make your experience positively memorable.

Store your child's cord blood and umbilical stem cells with ovo Biosurance

Ensure the health of your child by banking your child's cord blood and umbilical stem cells in Quebec's only family bank, Biosurance.

Free Session - ovo Biosurance Stem Cell Bank

Tuesday, August 6, 7:30 P.M by Laurence Filion-Cloutier, Clinical Advisor
Wondering about umbilical cord blood stem cells? ⁠Do you want to know the benefits of these precious cells? Take our free information session to learn more!

Expanded Carrier Genetic Testing

Reduce the risk of transmission of a genetic condition to your child.
We all carry several genetic changes without knowing it, and 4% of couples have a significant risk to transmit a genetic condition to their children, even in the absence of family history.
Do you want to know the risk in your situation? With a simple blood test, you could be able to know.

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Inclusion of all gender and sexually diverse people is an important value of clinique ovo. We are continuously striving to create an environment of compassionate belonging where all of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community are supported, valued and respected.

The clinique ovo is located in unceded Indigenous territory. The Kanien’kehá: ka Nation is recognized as the guardian of Montreal / Tiohtiá: ke.

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