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Here are touching memories of ovo patients from their journey to have a child. They talk about the different stages of the process, the difficulties they encountered, and evoke the moments of pain as well as the moments of joy that followed.
Only happiness!

I want to thank clinic ovo to let me be a solo mom for the first time, with a little miss of two momths old now. If I started my treatments in an other clinic 3 years ago, I decided quickly to change.

3 inseminations with donor, 1 first embryo transfer after an IVF, and a second embryo transfer wich been successfull. 

I had a difficult pregnancy : nauseas, high nuchal translucency, gestational diabetes, contractions at 27 weeks, some rest for 5 weeks, a lot of stress, I finaly gave birth at 38 weeks to an healthy and beautiful baby. 

Only happiness, thanks!"

Ovo was a really great help in realizing our dream

"When we started dating, my partner and I, we knew we wanted a family. We tried for many months and to no avail did we concieve. We seeked out clinic ovo's help and found out I was diagnosed with PCOS and getting pregnant on my own was one hard task. I was discouraged and the dream of becoming a mother and having my own family seemed impossible, until ovo stepped in.

After 3 years of trying and ovo's help I gir pregnant and just welcomed my baby girl on january 26 2023. Ovo was a really great help in realizing our dream, their professionalism and friendliness is why I would recommend ovo to anyone struggling with fertility issues."

Thank you very much for allowing us to make our biggest dream come true

I still remember the first time we tried to have children. Each month hid a little glimmer of hope, the one of becoming pregnant. After 3 years of trying,  we understood that we will probably need help from the specialists. It was on our couple anniversary,  we were leaving home for a romantic dinner and the phone rang. We receive THE sad news. My partner has abnormal test results... This is when our life took a turn for the worse. We therefore decide to try the inseminations. After 5 attempts, our hopes are decreasing more and more... We therefore decide to go further and turn to in vitro. It was the best decision we have made. The follow-up was done fairly quickly. We were lucky to have 2 healthy embryos. We found that the number was low but the important thing was to at least realize our dream, having a child. Here we are a few years later, after all these steps, in 2018, I gave birth to our daughter Kelyane. Knowing that there was a last embryo left, we decided to do this last implantation in 2021. And now big surprise, we learn that our family will be filled not with two children but three! We are expecting two little twins. These two other little treasures were born on September 4th. Thank you very much to the whole team for giving us hope and allowing us to make our biggest dream come true. I hope this can inspire many other couples to embark on this beautiful project.

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