Prenatal tests
The advantage of choosing ovo prenatal
ovo prenatal allows you to perform all recommended tests during pregnancy in a single place, thanks to the help of our medical team, which knows how to accompany and support you throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal screening for Down Syndrome

A prenatal screening test is a safe technique used for determining fetal risk of being affected by certain medical conditions, including Down syndrome. Several types of prenatal screening tests are currently available. In all cases, the result is a probability, not a certainty.

Optimo: prenatal screening through maternal hormones with fetal DNA in a second step

The optimo test is a prenatal screening through maternal hormones with fetal DNA that can detect trisomy 18 or trisomy 21. This approach offers greater accuracy for the detection of trisomy 21 than screening techniques offered in the marketplace and results early in the pregnancy. This cutting-edge technique combines the benefits of 1st trimester prenatal screening with those of maternal blood fetal DNA testing.

If the results of the optimo test combined with nuchal translucency indicate a moderate or high risk, you will be contacted by one of our genetic counselors to discuss the results and obtain your appointment for the second step, the Harmony fetal DNA test.


When: Between 11 weeks and 4 days, and 13 weeks and 6 days. 

Results: 3 to 5 business days. 

Inclusions: Nuchal translucency ultrasound + blood test

Detection rate for trisomy 21: 98%

Harmony: Fetal DNA in maternal blood

harmony is a non-invasive prenatal test performed with a simple blood sample that can detect trisomy 13, 18 and 21, sex chromosome abnormalities and fetal sex.

harmony allows for a significant reduction of the need for invasive procedures such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus biopsy, which can cause miscarriage in about 0.5 to 1% of cases.

In case of a positive harmony test result (high risk for trisomy), an invasive diagnostic technique will be suggested to confirm this result.


When: From 10 weeks

Time frame: 5 to 11 working days

Inclusions: Fetal sex + Sex chromosome anomalies

Advantage: Fetal DNA test approved by Health Canada

Detection rate for trisomy 21: over 99.9%

Induced hyperglycemia – Gestational diabetes test

Also known as gestational diabetes, hyperglycemia is a condition defined by an increase in blood sugar, most commonly during the second trimester of pregnancy. In most cases, gestational diabetes disappears after childbirth. However, in some cases, the mother could develop type 2 diabetes in the following years.

The cause of gestational diabetes is the result of hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy: hormones in the placenta interfere with the action of the pancreas. It cannot secrete enough insulin, which leads to hyperglycemia.

Without insulin, a hormone that nourishes our cells which is naturally secreted by the pancreas, glucose will accumulate in the bloodstream and cause hyperglycemia.

Fetal Sex Test

Would you like to know the sex of your baby? It is now possible with us from 6 weeks of pregnancy.

The test is done in collaboration with SneakPeek and offers a detection rate of 99.9%.

Please note that this test is for recreational purposes only and does not include any medical information related to your baby’s health. It does not replace in any way a prenatal screening, an ultrasound or any other test requested by your doctor.

New : our test Harmony now performed in Quebec, in our laboratories!

clinique ovo’s medical analysis laboratory becomes the first, and ONLY, Quebec laboratory to offer Harmony prenatal screening analysis.


The Harmony test will now be analyzed by a Quebec team of accredited experts, in laboratories specially designed for this analysis.

As a reminder, it is a fetal DNA test to detect trisomies 21, 18 and 13, performed by a simple blood test from 10 weeks of pregnancy. It can also identify the sex of the baby or babies (in the case of twins), with results in 5 to 10 working days! It has the best detection rate on the market, more than 99.9% for trisomy 21, is the first prenatal screening test to have been approved by Health Canada, and it is also the most validated test: the one that has been subjected to the most clinical studies. In addition, it is also covered by the majority of private health insurance plans!

Cord blood and umbilical tissue stem cell bank Biosurance

Ensure the health of your child by banking your child's cord blood and umbilical stem cells in Quebec's only family bank, Biosurance.


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