clinique ovo A multidisciplinary clinic
Number of patients
followed at ovo clinic
Since its inception, clinique ovo has provided over 88 641 patients with fertility, prenatal screening, cord blood storage, and general women’s health services.
ovo fertility Fertility treatments that meet the highest quality standards

Graphique Doughnut Accueil – Ovo fertilite A

Ongoing pregnancy

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Implantation rate

Total number of eggs harvested16207
A department whose main goal is to treat infertile couples and to preserve fertility, especially for patients undergoing a treatment that could compromise their fertility.


These statistics apply to so-called “standard” patients. Standard patients are defined as those under age 38, on their first or second attempt and who have had at least 6 eggs harvested, only one embryo transferred and no assisted hatching.



ovo prenatalFor comprehensive and worry-free pregnancy follow-up

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optimo detection rate

Prenatal screening services and obstetrical ultrasound in a warm and personalized setting.


The detection rate with the optimo test is assessed at 98%. By choosing the express optimo service, you could have access to oyour results within 2 hours..

ovo biosuranceThe only family cord blood bank in Québec
Number of samples
in our family cord blood bank
Since the game-changing discovery of the potential of cord blood stem cells, over 30 000 transplants have been performed worldwide.


Currently, over 80 diseases are treatable with the stem cells obtained from cord blood.

ovo laboA laboratory specialized in women’s health
Territory served by Ana-Lyse

A medical analysis laboratory that specializes in obstetrics/gynecology and particularly in biochemistry and reproductive genetics.


Ana-Lyse, at-home and at-work specimen collection service, is available free of charge in the metropolitan Montreal area. For other areas, travel costs may apply.

ovo r&dBecause the future depends on research.
16Projects completed

09Projects ongoing

10Projects upcoming

2206number of participants enrolled
in research studies since 2010

ovo r&d‘s multidisciplinary team of physicians, researchers and nurses conducts research projects in obstetrics and gynecology and coordinates all R&D activities atclinique ovo.
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