Genetic counselling service
clinique ovo is privileged to have a genetic counselling team that provides support and expertise to all patients undergoing pregnancy follow-up and prenatal testing at the clinic.

Our team is here for you whether to:

  • Discuss your screening options; 
  • Support you in the evaluation of your family history; 
  • Investigate the risk of transmitting a hereditary disease during pregnancy.


We will always take the time to support and guide you through your pregnancy.

Procedure for obtaining a consultation:

  • If you have had your prenatal screening at the clinic and your result requires genetic counselling, our counselors will contact you directly.
  • If you are not a patient at clinique ovo and you wish to have a genetic evaluation, please send your detailed medical prescription to: 


Our meetings are done virtually/remotely and are therefore easily accessible to all our patients, even those who are far away. They are also covered by the RAMQ when medically indicated.

Contact us

For more information, contact us at extension 611.


Inclusion of all gender & sexually diverse people is an important value of clinique ovo. We are continuously striving to create an environment of compassionate belonging where all of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community are supported, valued and respected.

The clinique ovo is located in unceded Indigenous territory. The Kanien’kehá: ka Nation is recognized as the guardian of Montreal / Tiohtiá: ke.

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