Dr. Armand Zini
fertility urologist r&d

Dr. Armand Zini is Professor of Urology at McGill University and Head of the Division of Urology at St. Mary's Hospital in Montreal. Dr. Zini is the Director of the Andrology Scholar Program at McGill University and currently supervises a Clinical Fellow.

Dr. Zini holds a medical degree from McGill University in Montreal where he also received his training in urology. He completed a research fellowship in male infertility at the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center and the Population Council in New York City.

Dr. Zini's main expertise is in the field of male infertility. Her main research interests focus on varicoceles and the role of oxidants and antioxidants in male infertility. He has published several articles on varicoceles and microsurgical varicocelectomy. Most recently, he has focused his research activities on the study of human sperm DNA, particularly to assess the impact of sperm DNA damage on male fertility potential.

Dr. Zini is passionate about art and he loves to paint in his spare time.


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