Clinical trials
There are several steps and regulations surrounding clinical studies. Here are the usual steps our patients can expect when participating in a study with ovo r&d:

Initial visit

Once your file has been evaluated by the research team, your eligibility will be determined according to the specific eligibility criteria of the project. A team member will give you detailed explanations and related procedures (ultrasound, blood test...). Participating in one of our research projects will allow you to benefit from new treatment options and a personalized follow-up.

Signing the consent form

A consent form that respects the ethical standards of research will be given to you and explained. This document contains a detailed description of the study and procedures as well as a list of the investigating physicians and the contact information of the team members. You will have the opportunity to read the document and ask any question you may have to a member of the team in order to make an informed and educated choice. Participation in a clinical study is voluntary. You may withdraw at any time, without justification.

Randomization and follow-up

Some clinical studies require the use of a placebo or control group in order to know if a drug or treatment is effective. The placebos are not identifiable by either the participant or the research team, and are randomly assigned to study participants. In addition, some clinical studies will allow you to benefit from various additional tests (e.g. blood tests, ultrasound, electrocardiogram, mammography, ovarian reserve, current health and medical history questionnaires...) as well as physical and/or gynecological examinations at no cost.

Financial compensation

There is no cost to participate in a study. Some sponsors offer an amount of money to cover the cost of travel and time to participate in the project. These amounts are predetermined by the study sponsor and approved by an ethics committee. 


All information you share will be treated as strictly confidential. A numerical study participation code identification system will be used for all information and samples collected. 

Ethical and Regulatory Approvals and Requirements

Before a research project can begin, it must go through rigorous scientific, medical and ethical reviews. Clinical research is regulated by federal authorities, which set strict standards to ensure the safety of participants. Health Canada’s approvals, when applicable, and independent ethics committee are mandatory.

Your steps may differ from those listed above, but we are here to guide you, answer any questions you may have, and of course support you throughout your participation in a study.

Interested in participating in a study?

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