Preserving Your Fertility
Fertility preservation allows you to keep your gametes at their current age and condition for a better chance of conception in the future. Whether it is for medical or personal reasons, clinique ovo has a dedicated team to help you in your process.

Egg preservation for oncological reasons

When a person has to undergo chemotherapy treatments, it is possible to preserve fertility by freezing the eggs before starting the treatment. This decision is often made on short notice, as chemotherapy must be initiated as soon as possible to maximize the chances of recovery. During such a period, the interventions related to the provision of care are delicate both psychologically and physically, and often carried out in a demanding context. It is therefore important to ensure comprehensive care. The fertility preservation program at the clinique ovo, through its nursing staff, will ensure your preparation, coordination with the treating teams in interdisciplinarity with our own, as well as the post-procedure follow-up. A meeting with a psychologist on site is also suggested.

Procedure for egg preservation
  1. Make an appointment by contacting: 514.798.2000 ext. 139
  2. An appointment will be given promptly (the same day or the next day) and the physician will prescribe the necessary tests to the patient in order to prescribe the appropriate IVF protocol. Medication will be prescribed to stimulate the production of several eggs. When maturation is deemed optimal, egg retrieval will be scheduled.
  3. The nurse navigator will take care to explain to the patient all the steps of the IVF procedure, will give her the necessary information about the treatment and will follow up on the file with the different professionals involved.
  4. A follow-up call will be made systematically on the day following the egg retrieval by the nurse navigator in order to assess the patient's condition and provide the necessary support.

Sperm preservation for medical reasons

Freezing sperm is a straightforward procedure. The sperm is collected by self-masturbation; it is then analyzed by the laboratory and processed  to allow for efficient freezing. If the patient has an ejaculation disorder or a diagnosis of infertility, the sperm can be retrieved surgically. 

Egg preservation for non-oncological reasons

You are born with a predetermined number of eggs. Each month, the number is depleted and over time, the quality of these eggs deteriorates. When the eggs are older, the risk of miscarriage or chromosomal problems such as Down Syndrome in the unborn child increases considerably.

However, there is something you can do, and that is to preserve your eggs now, so that when you decide to start a family, you will be able to do so.

For more information on egg preservation, please visit our website:

Storage of your gametes/embryos

All reproductive material and embryos are stored at the clinique ovo under the close supervision of our cryopreservation team.

Egg preservation

For help with egg preservation, make an appointment with futurovo:


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