Tailored transfer strategy by assessing receptivity

adhesioRT is a personalized endometrial receptivity assessment test and a complementary reproductive medicine technique that can identify the exact moment when your endometrium is most receptive. It is thus possible to synchronize the embryo-endometrium cross-talk improving implantation conditions.

adhesioRT test is an important complementary reproductive medicine technique increasing clinical pregnancy success rates after embryo transfer.

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At the time of a vitrified or frozen embryo transfer (FET), one or two embryos are transferred to the uterus as per the recommended IVF protocol prescribed by your fertility specialist. The internal lining of the uterus known as the endometrium, is composed of specific endometrial cells that will change throughout a cycle to allow for successful implantation. An endometrium ready to receive transferred embryos is defined as “receptive” and this occurs only for a few days throughout a given cycle. A pregnancy cannot occur without this crucial process. It has been recognized that one third of implantation failures in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) are due to reduced endometrial receptivity. Adhesio RT helps determine the days within a cycle in which your endometrium is most receptive by personalizing the embryo transfer.

Adhesio RT is recommended for all patients undergoing a vitrified or frozen embryo transfer (FET) as part of an IVF treatment and wishing to increase the clinical success rate of the given treatment. This test can be useful for women with frozen embryos or for women who suffered multiple implantation failures, as a way to identify if there is a problem with endometrial receptivity.


By evaluating the expression of 10 genes related to endometrial receptivity, your doctor will be able to define the optimal time for your embryo transfer, thus synchronising the embryo development and your endometrium’s level of maturity.  AdhesioRT is an original test developed by clinique ovo’s research department.

aims to define the optimal implantation window for an embryo transfer


Two endometrial biopsies would be performed after receiving estrogens and progesterone, specimens are then sent to our laboratory where the genes will be analysed and an optimal window of implantation is defined.


The price of adhesioRT is $995



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