Oocytes (egg) medical reasons

When a young woman or a pubescent teenage girl is required to undergo chemotherapy, her physician may discuss the possibility of preserving her fertility by freezing her eggs before the start of her cancer treatments. Often, this decision needs to be made quickly, given that chemotherapy must be started as soon as possible to maximize the chances of remission. The procedures carried out during this time can be both mentally and physically taxing and very difficult on the patient. It is therefore important to handle cases based on an integrated care approach. The nurse navigator associated with clinique ovo’s fertility preservation program will oversee the patient’s preparation, coordinate with the interdisciplinary attending teams, and supervise the post-procedure follow-up. A meeting with our in-house psychologist is also recommended.

For more information on oncofertility, please visit these websites:
CKN: Cancer Knowledge Network
Oncofertility Consortium
Fertile Future

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  • Women/girls who wish to make an appointment to discuss fertility preservation for medical reasons should call 514-798-2000, ext. 139, or fax a fertility preservation consultation request form to 514-798-2001.
  • An appointment will be scheduled quickly (same day or next day) with one of our physicians for an evaluation. The latter will explain the options available to the patient to preserve her fertility. Blood samples and a transvaginal ultrasound will be done to determine the patient’s ovarian reserve and stage of her menstrual cycle. If the patient has a male partner, blood tests will also be done on him to screen for any infectious diseases. Further to these tests, the physician will prescribe the appropriate IVF protocol. Medications will be prescribed to stimulate the production of several eggs. Once the eggs are considered to be sufficiently mature, an egg retrieval will be scheduled.
  • After the meeting with the physician, the patient will meet with the nurse navigator, who will coordinate the patient’s care. She will explain all of the steps involved in the IVF treatment, teach her how to self-administer the necessary medications, and coordinate the file with the various professionals involved.
  • The nurse navigator will systematically call the patient the day after the egg retrieval to check on her condition and offer her the necessary support.
  • ovo fondationwill assume the costs of medications not covered by insurance, examinations, and blood tests needed for the patient and her partner, where applicable.


clinique ovo has the technology needed to flash freeze eggs that are surgically retrieved after ovulation induction. This allows for significantly better results compared to the so called “slow freeze” method. The egg survival rate after thawing is around 90%.
Annually, patients must reaffirm their desire to continue storing their eggs. At any time, patients can request, in writing, that we stop storing their eggs, at which point the specimens will be destroyed or, with the patient’s consent, used for research purposes.