It is recommended that couples with no known medical history affecting fertility, should consult medical advice after 12 months of unsuccessful attempts. For a woman over 35 years, the period is reduced to six months.



The recognized team of obstetrician gynecologists with a sub-specialty in infertility and reproductive endocrinology of ovo fertility is there to respond to your needs. The team distinguishes itself by an approach based on genuine respect and careful monitoring of all couples so as to offer the highest quality of care. Convinced that the desire to have a child is as much fundamental as it is legitimate, we will try to maximize your chances of conception with an approach that is a warm and effective and

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When a couple is infertile, both woman and man should be evaluated. In 40% of cases, male infertility is causing or contributing to the couple’s infertiity. Our urologist-andrologists therefore play a fundamental role in the management of male infertility. They assess the man and offer treatments for infertility to maximize the chances of the couple becoming pregnant. The urologist-andrologists of ovo fertility  can use microsurgery to aid in male reproduction (eg. MICRO-TESE).




If your fertility treatment includes genetic testing, geneticists of Ovo fertility are available to guide you through these exams. They offer a diagnosis of genetic problems which may contribute or cause your infertility.

Cytogeneticists of Ovo labo will be able to reach a diagnosis quickly since they can rely on highly sophisticated equipment.



At ovo fertility, we understand that infertility is not just a medical issue. That is why our team of psychologists will be at your side throughout your journey in order to provide a warm and caringsupport. Stress management, treatment preparation or sharing emotions are all ways to help you gain control over the unavoidable uncertainties that occurs in this important period of your life. For some patients, following their parental project can be a long and difficult process. For others, it will be unsuccessful. Our team of fertility specialized psychologists will help you with services adjusted to your needs.


Therapeutic support at diagnosis

When you find out that you have a fertility problem, you may feel alone, helpless, and have other mixed feelings on a personal level and this is often quite an ordeal for any couple. A series of exams will begin and decision-making situations with important consequences for the years ahead must be considered.


Therapeutic support during treatment 

The various protocols related to fertility cause tremendous stress in terms of decisions to be made including for example the application of your treatment plan . You may be faced with options such as anonymous donor insemination or anonymous egg donation or directed gamete donation from a known individual.


Supportive therapy 

Support in dealing with multiple decision making. Support in treatment failure. Giving information to the child born by donor insemination or egg donation about his origin? How can we explain to these children the circumstances of their conception? Our psychologists are listening carefully to your needs.


You may need to meet these specialists if your results show an endocrinologic
or an infectious problem. At times, a treatment will be required before pursuing the fertility protocol.


To guide you through the process of in vitro fertilization, clinique ovo offers you the opportunity to meet one of our specialists in embryology. The objective of this meeting is:

    – To explain the laboratory process, once the egg retrieval has been done
    – To review the appropriate techniques for your specific case, with your previous records
    – To revise the previous cycle, in the case that this is not your first IVF cycle
    – To answer your specific questions about embryology


For anybody interested, this service is available free of charge. Appointments last for 20 minutes and take place on Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings.


For more information, please contact 514-798-2000.